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Loan Update
Mabel De La Concepcion is taking out another loan on Kiva

We wanted to let you know that Mabel De La Concepcion has another loan posted on Kiva! Here's the description of their new loan.

The Vecinos Unidos association is composed of eight members who are the responsible mothers and fathers of ten children, all minors. They are from MalPaisillo, in the northern part of the region, a place characterized be being hardworking, responsible, and having the

Posted by John Smith on
August 18, 2015

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*Updated as of Aug 31, 2015 12:08 am
*Updated Aug 31, 2015 12:08 am
My stats Avg Kiva lender
Amount lent $6,600.00 $33.62
Amount repaid $6,178.82 $278.17
Amount lost $29.56 $2.81
Amount refunded and expired $119.50 $12.49
Delinquency rate 33.93% 11.12%
Amount in arrears $72.84 $3.62
Outstanding loans $322.23 $32.55
Delinquent loans 7 0.02
Default rate 0.00% 1.32%
Amount defaulted $33.76 $3.72
Amount of ended $6,605.00 $284.00
Currency loss rate 0.45% 0.37%
Amount of currency loss $35.96 $1.31

My Loans Lent Stats

  • Fundraising 1
  • Funded 1
  • Paying back 5
  • Paying back delinquent 1
  • Repaid 140
  • Repaid w/ currency loss 1
  • Ended w/ default 1
  • Refunded 1
  • Expired 1

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