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Image for trustee Northern Virginia Family Service
Northern Virginia Family Service

Falls Church, VA
joined kiva 33 months

Becoming a trustee will allow the Small Business Program to further its mission to support the economic success of potential and existing entrepreneurs. We are leaders in entrepreneurship education, business plan development, and small business support, catering to the local low-income Hispanic e...

90% repayment rate
$2,584,725 in 19 loan(s)
1 loan(s) fundraising now!

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Kiva Trustees source entrepreneurs they believe in and publicly endorse them as borrowers on the Kiva website.

Trustees have no financial liability for loans, but their reputation is tied to the repayment rate of the borrowers they endorse. Unlike Field Partners, Trustees never actually handle the loans, which Kiva disburses directly to the borrowers. Trustees can be individuals or organizations.

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