Pizza Dudes

Jane Doe

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Your loan application is currently under review by the Kiva team. You should expect to be contacted within a few business days regarding next steps with your application.

Total loan requested: $10,000

What's next

Kiva review and approval process

Your application has been submitted! Over the next few business days, the Kiva Team will reach out via phone to explain next steps and answer any questions you have.

Lend to another entrepreneur like you

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to make a loan to another fundraising entrepreneur on Kiva. This will help you better understand the lending experience for your supporters, as well as show us your commitment to our community.

Prepare for the "Private Fundraising Period"

Once posted, your loan will enter into the “Private fundraising period, or PFP”. This is a 15-day period where you will be asked to recruit the first 5-35 lenders on your loan from within your personal network.

Conventional lenders charge higher interest rates to riskier businesses — such as startups. On Kiva, such riskier businesses may be asked to recruit slightly more lenders during PFP — but still pay no interest!

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