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Loan matching

Double your impact by matching loans on Kiva dollar for dollar to entrepreneurs that meet your specific philanthropic criteria, with tax deductible options. Whether it’s supporting farmers in Africa, water and sanitation projects in Asia, or women artisans in Latin America, a loan matching account will help drive more dollars towards the causes you care about, while giving you high brand visibility on our site. Contact us at to learn more.

Benefits of loan matching

  • Direct your support to the causes you care most about
  • Multiply your impact by activating Kiva lenders
  • Detailed data tracking
  • Public recognition on
  • Tax-deductibility if contributing at least $50,000

How it works

1Define your criteria

When you set up a matching account with Kiva, you define exactly where you want the dollars to go to – the countries, sectors, and causes that are most important to you.

2Badge appears on loans

As Kiva lenders browse through fundraising loans, they’ll see a x2 badge with your display name on borrower profiles that fit your criteria.

3Loans automatically matched

When lenders support a qualifying borrower, a loan for the same dollar amount will also be made from your matching account as long as funds last.

Juan lent $25 to Asunta. The PepsiCo Foundation matched Juan’s $25 loan.